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Railroad Equipment

Mobile RailCar Movers Electric

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Railroad companies, metros, ports, warehousing companies, chemical and refining plants, cement
facilities, the grain and feed industry can improve their operations using Colmar battery operated railcar movers.
They are easy to operate, require low maintenance and are more efficient than any other locomotive.

Colmar electric railcar movers are suitable to operate in any condition, achieving high safety
standards, high maneuverability and rapid on and off tracking in most areas.

Furthermore, they have the ability to cross tracks to perform cross terminal movements quickly and efficiently.

ZERO EMISSIONS. When running, battery operated vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions.

LOW OPERATING COSTS. Electric Vehicles are dramatically cheaper to operate than that of their Diesel counterparts.
The cost of the electricity has remained fairly static over the last decade, whereas the global oil market
has caused the average price of fuel to rise, drop, spike, dip, and rise again over the same time period.

LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS. Despite being an advanced technology, Electric vehicles are remarkably
simple to maintain. Electric motors have fewer moving parts compared to Diesel engines and they do
not require changing filters or hydraulic oil.

 PERFORMANCE. An electric engine generates instant torque (or turning force) whereas an internal
combustion motor has a curve of torque that increases in tandem with engine revolutions per minute (rpm).

 REDUCED NOISE. Electric motors are much more quiet than Diesel engines and there are no engine-induced vibrations on-board.

Also available with Diesel Engines!