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Recycling Equipment

Material Handlers

Colmar's wide range of Scrap Processors are specifically produced for the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The cabin elevates, permitting 360 degrees visibility. The high capacity grab, the solid bead tires and the four stabilizers makes the equipment an outstanding mean for the movement of big quantities of material to be processed or to be stored.

Our industrial scrap processors are used by companies in many fields, including processing and separating scrap metal, woodland maintenance, in sawmills and more. By attaching the accessories to the industrial scrap processors you will be able to perform your job more quickly and effectively. The accessories that can be mounted are magnetic plates for separating metals, grabs for tearing metals and more.

Colmar also offers a range of loaders in a fixed or variable track version.

Colmar Tracked Scrap Processors are ideal to move on cross-country ground, wood and sand. They permit high stability while maneuvering materials in tough terrain conditions, as opposed to the normal wheeled loaders function.